Thoughts about Art and Marketing

Some thoughts and questions that I asked myself were a part of the inspiration that resulted into Value Art.

Value Art by Matthias Kamann image

  • Why are certain art works so expensive?
  • Why do some people pay a lot of money for art?
  • Do artists consider commercial sales when they create an art work?
  • Where is the fine line between art work and a product? Or when does art become a product and vice versa?
  • Marketing and advertising can be really annoying. How can you market or praise a product without being too pushy?
  • What is it that creates a hype and makes people curious about something? Particularly on the web.
  • Actually I somethimes still don’t know whether I am a marketer who sells something that some might consider as art. Or am I a real artist? Or am I just someone who created some art?
  • And do I really have to find an answer to all these questions?

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