Intense brainstorming with my mentor Carl-Oscar Karlsson

Matthias Kamann - Value Art

The picture above was taken during the brainstorming with Carl-Oscar Karlsson, my mentor.

The basic idea of Value Art popped up in my head already a couple of years ago. Since then it was developing in small, continuous steps. I talked to friends about it and pretty much all of them were convinced that I should turn it into reality.

One of those friends that I talked to was Carl-Oscar Karlsson, a young man with the looks of a real artist with his full beard and long hair, from my hometown Växjö, in Sweden. Already in early stages of the idea he gave me useful advice and inspiration.

When I told him that I wanted to create the paintings soon, he offered me his help and advice not only on how the paintings could look like when they are ready but also the practical part, like building the canvas.

The brainstorming

I went to the brainstorming with a few cornerstones:

  • 7 identical canvas
  • with values on them, from 1 to 1.000.000
  • large

With these cornerstones in mind I went Carl-Oscar Karlsson‘s studio, located in the city of Växjö, and we discussed ways how the paintings could be created to send the message of Value Art with the biggest possible impact on the viewer.

We talked about the color, font, size of the values, painting techniques and which size the canvas actually should have.

After a few creative meetings with intense discussions I decided to go for … well the result you have in front of you when you.

It was great to get some input from a professional artist who asked the right questions and helped me out when I was stuck.

Carl-Oscar Karlsson

More about each decision and why Value Art looks the way it looks, in upcoming posts…

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