Experimenting to find the right painting technique – part 2

Printing effects

Value Art stencil 3

I wanted to borrow elements of the printing effects of a mass-printed art-works. Such as those in Andy Warhol’s or Roy Liechtenstein’s screen prints. At the same time I found it very appealing to use spray painting technique, which, with the use of a stencil also stands for reproducibility. This spray paint technique also stands partly for street art. 

I came up with a solution that would combine the visual effects of screen print and spray paint: I cut a cardboard stencil in the shape of the numbers and glued a gardening/mosquito-net on it. The net’s holes were formed in a circular way, so adding the net to the stencil created looks that remind and refer to the “circles” of popular screen print artworks.

Also, the fact that the screen varied in distance to the canvas when applying it to it, created a change in the sharpness of the circles – just as in old fashioned newspaper printing, which was a nice effect.

Value Art stencil 2

You can see this shading when you take a closer look at the “1” on all paintings.

Before that I also tested different ways to add the pattern, like spreading out sand over a surface or different types of nets. But in the end I went for the plastic gardening net, which delivered just the perfect result.


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