Building the canvas

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The canvas I wanted for this project had to be large. So I decided that the size of them should be 185 cm in width and 115 cm high – golden ratio. You might think that I just bought some ready-made canvas and spray-painted the numbers on it and that’s it. But, no, instead I put quite a lot of effort into creating the canvas by hand.

Canvas of the sice that I decided to go for usually cost a lot. Since I wanted to save some money I decided to build them myself, again, with the help of my mentor Carl-Oscar Karlsson who has a lot of experience in this area.

I also wanted to build the canvas myself to give the artwork a more personal touch. Certainly they maybe are not as perfect as a factory-built ones but due to professional help the result turned out to be really good.

Value Art  (8)Things on my shopping-list

  • Wooden-bars for the frame
  • Screws
  • Fabric to strech over the frame
  • Thumbtacks to fix the fabric on the frame
  • White color


Value Art  (14)To build the canvas Carl-Oscar supported me with tools, his location and he even helped me out when we cut the wooden bars at his uncle’s carpenter workshop.


Value Art  (26)After finishing the frames I had to attach the fabric to it. I can tell that was physically the toughest part of the whole project. Fixing the cloth in a way that it sits tight on the whole frame, with no wrinkles and enough tension was more difficult than I expected. But after some practice and slightly bleeding knockles I was very satisfied with the result and I could start with the painting part.



An almost finished canvas, after the paint-job, before cutting off the excessive cloth in the back:

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Now, that I have experienced how much effort it takes to build seven big size canvas, I hope that my next art project will be on smaller ones ;)



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