Donation 100 Dollar Painting

The “100 Dollar Painting” has been sold. As with all other paintings, the sales amount will be donated to charity. The buyer of the painting chose “läkare utan gränser” the Swedish division of “Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)“.

Here the receipt of the SEK 840 (USD 100) donation

Donation 100 Dollar Painting n


Would you like to own a Value Art painting as well? Go to the homepage and check out which one is still available. Or contact me if you have any questions.

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Donation 10 Dollar Painting

All payments for the paintings of the Value Art Project will be donated. The “10 Dollar Painting” has been sold to Karin C. from Sweden. She wanted the money to be donated to “Rädda Barnen” which is the Swedish division of “Save the Children“.

Here the receipt of the donation

Donation 10 Dollar Painting USD 10 n


Do you also want to buy a Value Art painting? Go to the homepage and check out which one is still available. Then contact me.

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Donation 1 Dollar Painting

Thomas Himmel from Växjö, Sweden bought the “1 Dollar Painting” a while ago. After I reached out to him to ask to which charity the money should go to, he chose to donate the one dollar (at the time he bought the painting around SEK 7) to Green Peace. Since it wasn’t possible to donate one dollar only, I rounded the amount up a little and donated USD 5 instead.

Here is the email receipt that I received after doing the donation.

Donation 1 Dollar Painting USD 5

Payment confirmation page on Green Peace’ website

Donation 1 Dollar Painting Green Peace USD 5

If you would like to buy a Value Art painting, have a look at the homepage to check out which one is still available and contact me for further questions.

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Thoughts about Art and Marketing

Some thoughts and questions that I asked myself were a part of the inspiration that resulted into Value Art.

Value Art by Matthias Kamann image

  • Why are certain art works so expensive?
  • Why do some people pay a lot of money for art?
  • Do artists consider commercial sales when they create an art work?
  • Where is the fine line between art work and a product? Or when does art become a product and vice versa?
  • Marketing and advertising can be really annoying. How can you market or praise a product without being too pushy?
  • What is it that creates a hype and makes people curious about something? Particularly on the web.
  • Actually I somethimes still don’t know whether I am a marketer who sells something that some might consider as art. Or am I a real artist? Or am I just someone who created some art?
  • And do I really have to find an answer to all these questions?
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Value Art Vine

Created this little Vine video. It’s rather difficult to sum up the Value Art project in only six seconds. You can pause the video by clicking on it.

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