Value Art by Matthias Kamann

What is Value Art about?

The Value Art conceptual artwork deals with the question how people value and evaluate art.

Value Art confronts the viewers with the question how price influences peoples’ perception of the value of art or other things that have a monetary value attached to them. It deals with the subjectivity of value.

The project doesn’t only consist of seven paintings. The sales process also is an integral part of it. I want to see what people make of it. Do they evaluate my art with a different price than the one I attached to them?

I want to find out how people react on it, and whether the viewers agree on my valuation or price claim – the price for each painting is the value written on them, in dollars.


Artistic Goal

My artistic goal with Value Art is to make the viewers reflect on how they value things.

I would be glad if I could educate (make people reflect on the actual monetary and personal value of things they are surrounded with), provoke (“Is that picture really worth 1.000.000 Dollar?”) and entertain with the Value Art concept.

Value Art by Matthias Kamann

Value Art is also directed at people who (just like me) sometimes, when looking at art, think: “I could have done that myself!” :)


Some inspiration for Value Art came from the way people use to evaluate things, particularly based on prices. I also was inspired by the way art is covered in media. Why does the media mostly put the price in the center of attention when reporting about art? It rarely is the art itself and its message that is mentioned the headline.
Further inspiration came from Street Art (in this case I used spray paint with a stencil) and Modern Art (“reproducibility”, to underline this aspect, I added a pattern that reminds of a printing-effect, used in popular Modern Art paintings).

How to buy Value Art

More about the sales and how to buy a painting, here…

About me

My name is Matthias Kamann. I am not an artist. Or maybe I am. Well, I should be since I created some artwork, right? But is “Value Art” actually art? You decide…

Born in 1980, I grew up as a farmers’ child. The last couple of years I have been living in a cozy, little town in Sweden, called Växjö. I graduated with a masters degree in marketing at the local university (Linnaeus University) – to which I earlier came as an exchange student from Germany.

Art and the questions it deals with, the provocation and the depth of the symbols always fascinated as well as irritated and inspired me.

With this art work as well as my future art projects I hope to reach many people to provoke, entertain and make them reflect about how they consume and are affected by marketing.

More about me and Value Art: have a look at my blog!

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Your opinion

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