$1 One Dollar Painting

Value Art 1 Dollar Painting

Value Art 1 Dollar Painting

The One Dollar Painting ($1)

by Matthias Kamann

This unique “One Dollar Painting” is part of the “Value Art” conceptual artwork by Matthias Kamann.

About the Value Art project

Value Art is an art project consisting of seven hand-painted, large, white canvases, each with a black numerical figure on it. The first painting shows a “1”, the second a “10”, the third a “100”, up until the seventh, a “1.000.000″.

Value Art by Matthias KamannSeven paintings:
1 (this painting)

The figures written on the painting are the prices or values that I attach to the paintings.

Value Art is an artwork that confronts the viewers with the question of what monetary value actually is and deals with the subjectivity of value.

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Facts about the “1 Dollar Painting”

Title (official): Value Art 1
Height: 115cm / 45.3 inches
Width: 185cm / 72.6 inches
Depth: 5cm / 2 inches
Weight: about 7kg
Material: Spray paint on canvas (hand built)

Date created: November 2011
Original: Signed, Matthias Kamann (see picture in gallery)
Content: Black numerical figure “1” spray-painted with special stencil on white canvas

More pictures, here in the gallery.

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