• Value Art 1 Dollar Painting

    Value Art 1 Dollar Painting

What is “Value Art”?

Basically, Value Art is a series of seven identical, hand-painted, large, white canvas. The only difference is the numerical figure that is written on each. The first painting shows a “1”, the second a “10”, the third a “100” and so forth up until the seventh a “1.000.000”.

How much does each painting cost?

The value and price of each painting is the numeric value painted on each, in $ (USD).
To buy a Value Art painting please contact me.

Paintings for sale/sold

What happens with the money if I buy a painting?

The money will be donated. I will donate the full amount to one of the five trustworthy charity organizations below. You choose which one of them …

After the donation I will publish the payment receipt, so you and everyone else can be sure that the money really went to the charity of your choice.

As soon as the money has been donated, your name (or company name) will be shown in the byers-list above, including a link to your website (or any other). Of course you can also buy a painting anonymously.

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